5 Year Plan (If you would like to make a comment on the 5 Year Plan please email it to )

Technology Plan (If you would like to make a comment on the Technology Plan please email it to )

Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan

Emergency Operations Plan

Policies and Procedures

Section 1000: School Board Foundations and Governance

Section 2000: General School Administration

Section 3000: Fiscal Management

Section 4000: Support Services

Section 5000: Facility Development

Section 6000: Personnel

Section 7000: Instruction

Section 8000: Students

Section 9000: School-Community Relations

Student Handbooks

Barbour County Schools 2018 Student Handbook

Belington Elementary School

Belington Middle School

Junior Elementary School

Kasson Elem/Middle School

Mt. Vernon Elementary School

Philip Barbour High School

Philippi Elementary School

Philippi Middle School

Volga-Century Elementary School


Policies that are out for comment, please submit comments by 4:00 p.m. on Monday,  February 26, 2018

7300, Requirements for Graduation

7200, Grading System

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